Design Services

From Concept to Creation

COBA Precision brings your projects to life with ingenuity and attention to detail. Our in-house design team are trained in the last CAD software and are here to support you every step of the way, from the seed of an idea to ultimate production.

3D Design and Drafting

COBA Precision offers a full 3D CAD service. If you have a sketch or even just a concept, we can take those ideas and turn them into working drawings on screen. Once a part or assembly has been modelled we can calculate mass depending on different materials, and check fits between components to ensure your concept is fit for production. We can also convert 2D CAD drawings or paper drawings to either 2D CAD files or full 3D models as required. Once the conversion has taken place, we can supply the digital files in a variety of formats.

Design Optimisation Leicester

Design Optimisation

COBA Precision can offer you invaluable advice on the machinability and cost implications of your parts or assemblies. Often just changing a small design feature can drastically reduce the manufacturing costs of a part, and our expert designers are well versed in revealing these opportunities.

Co-ordinate Measuring

Co-ordinate Measuring

COBA Precision has heavily invested in Co-ordinate Measuring machinery configured with Inspect 3D software which has many measuring, analysis and reporting benefits for our customers, and our own internal inspection team. The CMM gives us the ability to produce Inspection Reports and Calibration Data to support the design process.

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