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3 & 4 Axis CNC Machining

We offer a full 3 and 4 Axis CNC machining service. Working from customer drawings, either paper or electronic, or CAD models, COBA Precision is able to convert your ideas and requirements into fully machined products.

Whether you need to utilise CNC technology because of the number or complexity of components required we can provide a solution to meet your requirements.

Full 3 Axis machining of components is possible, due to the utilisation of a fully functional CAM system linked to our Solidworks CAD system. Using the latest CAM software allows us to choose the most appropriate machining strategy to generate the surface finish and tolerance you require.

Adding a 4th Axis to our machining centres opens up another world of possibilities. Whether you require complex pockets, text engraving around a cylindrical part, or several faces of a part machined at the same time to ensure accuracy, COBA Precision can offer a solution.

In addition to full 4 Axis CNC machines, we also have a XYZ Bed Mill as shown which allows us to manufacture parts over 1m long and 600mm wide.

With full 3 Axis control this machine is capable of manufacturing both simple and complex 3D parts.

3 & 4 Axis CNC Machining

CNC Turning

COBA Precision offers a full CNC turning service up to 250mm diameter.

Small batches and less complicated parts can be programmed directly on the machine to ensure a quick turnaround.

More complex turned parts can be programmed offline with the latest CAD/CAM Software.

We are happy to manufacture prototypes up to full production quantities.

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Small Precision Parts

Our Citizen A20 sliding head lathe allows us to produce small to large runs of turned parts up to 20mm in diameter. The A20 is equipped with a twin spindle and 7 axis to allow parts to be manufactured complete. The machine also has milling capability allowing cross holes and milled features on the turned parts. Equipped with a 3.2m automatic barfeeded and lights out package, this machine is capable of running 24/7 if required.

Conventional Machining

Sometimes all you need is a simple part manufactured or maybe just an existing part modified. For just this purpose COBA Precision has a number of highly skilled engineers on site who can utilise a range of conventional machines.

Conventional Precision Machining

These machines can be used for purposes, ranging from the production of simple components that do not require the cost and complexity of CNC machines, to repairing or refurbishing existing parts. In this instance it is often best to utilise a range of conventional machines along with a highly trained engineer.

We also utilise a range of conventional machines to support our manufacturing operation, using them to manufacture fixtures, gauges etc. in-house.

COBA Precision has a full range of conventional machines available to achieve your requirements. These include:

  • Sawing
  • Drilling
  • Turning (with Digital Readout)
  • Milling (with Digital Readout)
  • Surface Grinding
  • Cylindrical Grinding
  • Welding
  • Slotting

Chemical Blacking

COBA Precision has a small in-house chemical blacking facility. This enables us to chemically black your steel and iron components in-house and reduce the cost of external sub-contractors and minimum order charges.

The Chemical Blacking process adds an attractive black colour to the surface of steel and iron components.

The Benefits

  • No Dimensional Change – Many machined parts are manufactured to a tight tolerance, which means plating or painting are not acceptable
  • Corrosion Resistance – The black surface absorbs wax, oil or rust preventative sealants to give corrosion protection
  • Sales Appeal – A durable black finish enhances the appearance and value of a wide range of manufactured articles
  • Safety – By reducing light glare from moving tooling or machinery, it eases fatigue and contributes to operator safety
  • Precision Engineers – A uniform black finish of steel components is extremely popular, adding considerably to the perceived value of the product. This, combined with the unique quality that component dimensions are not altered and an even colour is achieved over blind holes and threads, makes it a must for any precision engineer

Finishing & Outsourcing

COBA Precision can work with you to ensure your finished components are what you and your clients require.

We can hand finish and polish components in-house if required using a range of equipment and polishing machines.

In addition to our in-house facilities, we have over the past 28 years built up a number of relationships with local companies to ensure we can offer you a one stop solution to your engineering requirements. Here are our popular outsourced services:

Heat Treatment

Through Hardening – Case Hardening – Nitride Hardening – Stabilising

Surface Treatments

Anodising – Zinc Plating – Chrome Plating – Alochrome – Nickel Plating


Wire Erosion – Die Sinking – Small Hole Drilling


Cylindrical Grinding (up to 2m in length) – Internal Grinding – Centreless Grinding – CNC Grinding – Thread Grinding – Honing


COBA Precision is centrally located in the heart of the Midlands allowing us to deliver products and services to many areas within a wide radius.

We can deliver using our own transport, or via a trusted carrier throughout the UK, Europe and international destinations.


We work with our clients to provide the delivery solutions you require to meet your customers’ demands. If required, we can offer KANBAN and Just In Time (JIT) delivery solutions.

Working with you, COBA Precision can manufacture and store a required number of components. These can then be called off during a given period. If you have regular demand for a product then you can issue a rolling order for a given quantity to cover an estimated number of months’ supply, usually between three and four months. If for example you expect to sell around 25 parts per month then you would issue an order to cover 100 parts. COBA Precision would then manufacture the parts in line with your call off requirements. We would make sure that as you use up stock we replenish to ensure you have order coverage.

If required we would undertake stock control of the product line, ensuring you always have items available. COBA Precision can also work with you to provide (JIT) delivery of components for assembly etc.

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