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During its 28 years of manufacturing, COBA Precision has gained a great deal of experience in the manufacture of gauges and fixtures for a wide range of specialist applications. Whether you require a specialist gauge to measure the length, width or profile of a part, we can work with you to design the best solution. We have good knowledge of the inspection products from companies like Mitutoyo and can build their standard products into specialist gauges as required.

An important part of manufacturing a product and measuring it correctly comes down to holding it in the correct position and holding it well. COBA Precision can design and manufacture fixtures for both machining and inspection of hard to hold objects.


You have the idea but you want to progress it to the next stage. We can convert your outline sketch to a CAD model, and finalise it through to its prototype phase.

At COBA Precision, we are more than happy to work with you to manufacture one-off components and prototypes whilst your ideas evolve. We are highly experienced in assisting companies take their products from ideas, through to prototypes and ultimately into production.

If you have an idea or product, or just require the manufacture of a one-off component, then our skilled team is waiting to hear from you.

Machine Spares

COBA Precision has the in-house capacity to measure, draw and manufacture a component even if the component is damaged. If you have a component off a machine and cannot afford to wait for a spare then you should contact us for a quote on a remake or repair of your damaged component.

If you have a component (or range of components) that needs to be replaced regularly then why not talk to us and ensure that we always have the required parts in stock. Once a part has been measured and identified, we can create a full working drawing and hold it file to ensure you can order the correct part in the future.

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