3D Design & Drafting

COBA Precision Engineering offers a full 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) Facility. Utilising the latest Solidworks design software, we can make your designs truly come to life. If you have an idea, or even just a sketch, we can take those ideas and turn them into full 3D parts on screen. You can see how various parts fit together in assemblies and even create a photo-realistic render of a part for presentations etc.

Once a part or assembly has been modelled in 3D you can calculate mass depending on different materials selected and check fits between components in an assembly. COBA Precision can then supply a full set of working drawings in various formats for manufacture. These include PDF’s, DWG’s and DXF files. All these models and drawing files can be accessed from your dedicated secure area of our website. This ensures you always have access to the latest files. In addition 3D part files can be supplied with a viewer to enable you to view the models on any PC.

Drawing Conversion

Solidworks CAD Design

COBA Precision can convert 2D CAD drawings or paper drawings to either 2D CAD files or full 3D models as required. Once the conversion has taken place, we can supply the digital files in a variety of formats. The files can be emailed over or supplied on a memory stick or CD. If required PDF versions of all CAD files can be stored, allowing viewing on any PC wherever you are.

If required 3D models can be supplied complete with viewer to allow you to view the full 3D model on your PC.

If the new CAD files are required in paper form, then COBA Precision can supply full colour prints up to A1 utilising our in-house plotter.

Design Optimisation

COBA Precision has over 25 years of manufacturing experience. Over the years we have worked on a huge range of projects and components and built up a large knowledge base.

If you have designed an assembly or a number of components then COBA Precision can offer you invaluable advice on the machinability and cost implications of these parts or assemblies. Often just changing a small design feature such as adding a fillet or increasing the size of an internal feature or fillet can drastically reduce the manufacturing costs of a part. There are many ways a design can be modified so that it functions as well as the initial design but reduces the manufacturing costs.

CNC Programming

Utilising the latest CAD & CAM programs, COBA Precision can produce up to 4 axis programs for most popular machines and controls.

By sending us either a 2D CAD file (DWG, DXF etc) or full 3D part file (IGES, SAT or native Solidworks) we can generate a full CNC file for you to run on your machine, including tool lists, cycle times etc.

CNC Programming HAAS Machine

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